For students of the University of Latvia, internships are provided in professional study programs. In most professional study programs, the institution provides students with internships in various companies, institutions and organizations with which each faculty has cooperation agreements.

To find out about the opportunities available for internships, the student must first contact the program manager in his / her faculty.
At the same time, students are entitled to choose their own placement, but only with the coordinator of the practice, who is responsible for practice at the faculty.
Two internship supervisors are appointed for the duration of the internship - one from the University of Latvia and one from the company / institution / organization.

The Dean's authorized representative of the Faculty - the program internship organizer - organizes internship placement, contracting and cooperation with internships, organizes the practice of the students registered in the program and coordinates the work of the internship supervisors.

The employer does not necessarily have to pay for the internship, but sometimes the employers include a small fee or cover some expenses in the internship offer.

There are several ways to find a practice in search of practice:

  • Check out the websites for the latest internship offers - see Links compiled by the UL Career Center.
  • Search for placement placements on Google by selecting relevant keywords.
  • Identify the companies you are interested in and email them to find out if they are hiring trainees.
  • Follow on the internet the topical information on online career days, internship programs and competitions. Information about these events can also found at the UL Career Center.
  • Identify information in the LU Career centers Career Guide.

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When deciding to do an internship abroad, it is usually the student's responsibility to find a suitable placement in the chosen country. The compliance of the student's chosen internship placement with the requirements of the study programme is evaluated by the internship organizer (authorized person in the particular faculty).

Upon confirmation of admission to the internship from the internship placement and approval of the internship placement by the university, a tripartite agreement is concluded between the University of Latvia, the internship placement and the student. The contract is concluded according to the situation – in Latvian or English. This agreement, as well as the cover letter for the placement, is prepared by the clerk at the faculty.

If you decide to do an internship:

  • in one of the European Union member states;
  • in one of the 3 countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway);
  • in Switzerland or Turkey,

you are eligible for an LLP – Erasmus grant.

When looking for an internship abroad, it is important to not only identify related areas of activity, potential businesses and countries of destination, but also to choose safe sources of search. When using the services of a work/internship placement agency, it is important to find out which companies in Latvia are eligible to provide these services – see State Employment Agency (SEA) website.

Similarly to job search you can use a variety of INTERNSHIP SEARCH PATHS:

  • Check out the Internet for the latest internship offers. Look at the links collected on the UL Career Centre website; links to the websites of these services are often available on the embassy websites.
  • Choose some relevant keywords and search for placements on Google, for example, by typing in internship, apprenticeship, training and a word related to the chosen field, e.g., marketing.
  • Identify some foreign companies of interest and contact them to find out if they are hiring trainees.
  • Follow the web for the latest information on online career shows, internship programmes and competitions.
  • Contact the faculty international cooperation coordinator – the faculty may cooperate with some company/institution abroad for the provision of student internships.

When planning an internship it is recommended to specify in advance the information about:

  • Basic rules of the internship – duties, requirements. There is also a matter of pay – the employer does not necessarily have to pay for the work done during the internship, but sometimes the employers include a small fee or cover some expenses associated with the internship.
  • The time and duration of the internship.
  • Possible travel and accommodation costs.
  • Working language.