We invite labour market experts and industry professionals to share their experiences on the latest trends in the industry and profession with students at the University of Latvia.

Organizing guest lectures within the framework of a study programme is an activity that received wide acclaim at the University of Latvia. Experts ­– employees of the companies – share their lectures on their professional experience and knowledge, contributing to the students' deeper understanding of how knowledge is applied in practice, as well as allowing them to focus more closely on a particular topic or to identify major issues. For companies that nominate their experts for guest lectures, this activity means not only advertising, branding and maintaining, but also the opportunity to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.

The University of Latvia Career Centre invites companies to register their experts and guest lecture topics by email: anda.paegle@lu.lv. The collected topics will be submitted for approval to organizers of particular study programme. The time period of each guest lecture is planned individually, taking into account the content of the study plans and the capabilities of a guest lecturer.

We are grateful for the responsiveness of those who have already participated in this project, encouraging young people to be energetic, full of ideas and initiative on the labour market!