What can I gain from individual counseling with a career counselor?

During the consultation we will help you to answer the following questions:

  • Is the chosen study programme the right one?
  • What to do after graduation?
  • How to understand and fulfill your professional dreams?
  • Where to look for work?
  • How to best prepare your CV and cover letter?

To apply: write to karjera@lu.lv or call 67034714

For pupils, students and graduates of the University of Latvia the consultation is free of charge.

For others interested – 25 EUR.

Feedback on the consultation:

  • I understood what I want, what I need to improve and what to do in the nearest future.
  • I understood what I needed to find out in order to realize my goals. Now I know what I need to do to get the result and to find out what I want.
  • I gained confidence in the first career path I have chosen.
  • I got some useful information and advice from consultant on the questions that I didn't understand.
  • I learned more about what works for me and what doesn't. My thoughts on where I wanted to continue my education have strenghtened. I recommend these consultations to the people who are not really sure about where they want to work or study.
  • I became more aware of job search opportunities. I would still like to know if my CV is properly written.

What can I get from coaching?
Coaching consultation is a goal-oriented process. The purpose of the consultation is to be more clearly aware of your goals and to define the steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal. Coaching also provides a clearer self-awareness. The topic of consultation can be related to every area of life.  
Apply for coaching by writing to karjera@lu.lv 
For high school students, LU students and University of LU graduates, counseling is free of charge.
For the rest of the interested parties – 25 EUR.
Coaching is also available online.

What is a "CV workshop"?

These are 15-20-minute long individual consultations on the development and improvement of your CV and cover letter.

You must register for the consultation in advance by e-mail karjera@lu.lv.

Consultations are led by the UL Career Centre consultants with many years of experience in recruitment.

Suggestions before visiting "CV Workshop":

  • Think about your CV writing goals! Do you just want to learn how to write this document or do you already have a specific workplace to address?
  • Make sure the information you intend to include in your CV is accurate. If you are in doubt about the accuracy of the data, double-check it or bring the documents containing the relevant information, such as certificates, etc.
  • If you already have your CV and/or cover letter, bring these documents when going to the Career Centre at the times indicated, or you can send them to us (karjera@lu.lv) earlier, indicating the date and time when you plan to visit the CV workshop. Together we will be able to review and adapt these documents to the workplace that interests you.

A mock interview is a job interview simulation training. This is one of the most effective ways to prepare for a real job interview. Mock interview gives you the opportunity to practice answering the questions that a recruiter might ask you in a job interview. Mock interview is often recorded in video format and after the interview the applicant can watch the recording and observe from outside how he or she has presented himself or herself to the interviewer. The career counselor who conducts or observes the mock interview also provides constructive comments on how the interviewee answers the questions, how he or she behaves in that situation and what should be taken into account when preparing for the next interview.

Apply for the mock interview by email: karjera@lu.lv.

Mock interview is conducted by consultants of the UL Career Centre with many years of experience in recruitment.