Every year the UL Career Centre hires trainees – students of the Master's degree programme "Career Counselor" from different universities in Latvia.

If you are also interested in doing an internship at the UL Career Centre, we have prepared an internship description for your application:

Trainee responsibilities:

  • Develop an internship plan in collaboration with a Career Centre consultant.
  • Participate and assist in group activities organized by the Career Centre.
  • Conduct case studies or conduct career counseling on your own, with guidance from a Career Centre counselor.
  • Independently identify counseling-related methodologies.
  • Develop a practice report presentation.
  • The duties of the practice will be further specified according to the content of the particular study programme.

Requirements for the candidate:

  • Studied in the Master's programme “Career Counselor”.
  • Knowledge of career choice and career management.
  • High motivation to do internship at the UL Career Centre.
  • High sense of responsibility, self-discipline.

Internship benefits:

  • Opportunity to get acquainted with the Career Centre as a structural unit of the higher education institution by getting an idea of ​​the main guidelines and career support activities of the Career Centre.
  • Opportunity to observe consultants' work with groups and/or as individual counseling.
  • Improvement of the skills of a career counselor by practically participating in seminars and career counseling.
  • Receiving feedback from the practice supervisor – career advisor at the UL Career Centre.

Internship time period: between October and March.

Internship placement address: Riga, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 122.

To apply for an internship, send your CV and cover letter to karjera@lu.lv .