Līga Valinka – psychologist, career counselor, coach

Līga organizes and manages group trainings, lectures and also individual consultations. She is competent in questions concerning Psychology and HR.

Consultation language: Latvian, Russian, English.

Contact information: liga.valinka@lu.lv 


Dace Siliņa – career counselor, coach

Dace studied psychology (BA) and sociology (MA) at the University of Latvia. She worked as project manager, fieldwork manager in social, market and media research field, created and developed training system and managed it. Since 2009 Dace consults as a couch (individual consultations and seminars).

Consultation language: Latvian, Russian, English.

Contact information: dace.silina@lu.lv; tel.: (+371) 67034714

Anda Paegle – project manager

"Happy people go lucky, not vice versa."

Anda is highly experienced in preparation and management of various social and business-related projects. That gives her the understanding of those issues that are most important for every individual or company to reach their aims.

Anda's main responsibility at the Career Centre is to organize the annual Career Opportunities Day, to promote collaboration among companies, students and the University. Another Anda's role is to manage international projects.

Contact information: anda.paegle@lu.lv, tel.: (+ 371) 26158998.