This section is designed to help you figure out where to start exploring your career opportunities and development. In order to complete this survey, we recommend you to print out the survey text.

Read each of the statements below and note whether they currently apply to you ("yes") or not ("no").

Part 1 – Self-Exploration

1. I am aware of most of the strengths and weaknesses of my personality.
2. I can name at least 5 of my job skills and abilities.
3. I am aware of the values ​​that are important to me at work.
4. I am clearly aware of my interests.
5. I know what kind of working environment I prefer.

Part 2 – Exploring Career Opportunities

6. I can name at least 3 career fields that suit me and at least 5 jobs that suit me.
7. I can list at least 5 employers who could hire an employee with my qualifications.
8. I am well-informed about the job responsibilities and work content of the people who work in the profession that interests me.
9. I have spoken to at least 3 people working in the profession I am interested in.
10. I know 3 or more sources where I can get information about possible jobs at which I would like to work.

Part 3 – Decision-making

11. I have made a decision on how to further develop and improve my career.
12. I know how to assess whether a particular profession, position and workplace is right for me.
13. I am confident that I have chosen the right career field for me.
14. I re-evaluate my career and related goals from time to time.
15. I am aware that I may decide to change my career path in the future if I wish so.

Part 4 – Job Search and Self-Presentation

16. I am well-versed in job offers and can make a choice.
17. I can justify why I am interested in a particular job and why would I be suitable for it.
18. I have a standards-compliant CV and I can write a cover letter for a particular job.
19. I know what questions an employer might ask me in a job interview and I think that I am ready to answer them.
20. I have several people in my mind who could help me in job search.


Data interpretation: ideally, all statements are answered with "yes". This shows a high level of personal competence in career development. However, after completing this section, you may need additional information to be fully confident in your career goals. If you have less than 3 affirmative answers in any of the 5 statements, you should have a look at the description of this section. It is not uncommon to have less than 3 affirmative answers under several statements – in that case we suggest you first to look at the description of the section with the lowest number of affirmative answers.

The description and recommendations for each section can be viewed by clicking on the section title.