In order to make important career choices, it is important to explore yourself first: figure out your interests, values, skills, abilities, motivation, advantages. Self-exploration will also make it easier for you to select career-related information by evaluating what works for you. This information will help you to explore your career alternatives and will be useful throughout different transitional phases of your professional life.

It is great if you have already figured out further steps for self-exploration! But, if there are still more questions than answers, you should probably arrange a meeting with a counselor at the UL Career Centre.

During the consultation you can:

  • get information on a variety of career-related issues;
  • take surveys, a test which will help you to become more self-aware;
  • ask the counselor any questions that remain unclear.

A career specialist uses different methods to help you answer important questions about your interests, motivation, values, resources, etc.