The next step in realizing your skills, interests and core values ​​is exploring further professional perspectives.
What are the main advantages of this step?

  • Strengthening competitiveness.
    Finding all the career opportunities that are right for you will help you to better identify what skills and experience you still need to be competitive in your job.
  • Backup plan  readiness for changes.
    Precise knowledge of your professional resources and perspectives is your advantage when facing unplanned changes. 
    Changes in your priorities can occur during and after your studies. These changes can be the result of both unplanned changes in professional interests and major changes in life in general. For changes to occur swiftly, without the hassle, it is better to know in advance what your prospects are – where to move up the career ladder.

    Backup plan is also useful in situations when, for example, it is difficult to break into the labour market in the area that interests you. It will not only make you feel safer, but also help you to make the most of your resources – time, skills and knowledge. For example, if you have a great initiative but have been unable to find attractive offers for some time, you may need to think about starting your own business by implementing some of your long-held ideas. Each of us has some special talents, skills that can be used when implementing a backup plan.

    You can both do your own research on your career opportunities and consult with a career specialist.